Oma Antarex Bowl Cutting Machine, Oma Galaxy Portable Hydraulic Cutting Saw & Hydraulic Pump

Contact Name: Jeffrey Dunholter
Contact Phone: 855-456-2588 x. 1000

Year: 2012
Make: Oma
Model: Galaxy, Antarex and Hydraulic Pump

Under Power: Yes
Voltage: 220v Single Phase

Location: Canada
Price: $4,500.00
Payment Options: Payment via wire transfer
Leasing Price: $107.10 / month



2012 Oma Antarex Hydraulic Bowl Cutting Machine

2012 Oma Galaxy Portable Hydraulic Cutting Saw

2012 Oma Hydraulic Pump

Units were only used a handful of times. Customer paid over 12k for the complete package and it is like new still.

Spes below from Manufacturer:

The Oma Antarex Bowl Cutting machine is an hydraulic manual milling machine that uses OMA SYSTEM patent and it is unique in its field with no equivalent on the market.

Built with aircraft Aluminum and stainless steel construction with fiberglass covers(not plastic) the Oma Antarex is a router that will provide many many years of fabrication work.

That Antarex runs at 44,000 rpm. Creates insane spindle speed that leads to insane cutting of bowls.

Average processing time per average cut out:

3 minutes for 3 feet of working in 2 cm marble

4 minutes for 3 feet of working in 3 cm marble

3/4 minutes for 3 feet of working in 2 cm granite

4/6 minutes for 3 feet of working in 3 cm granite

The Oma Galaxy Portable Hydrualic Cutting Saw is the strongest stone hand cutting machine on the market. Hands down without question.

Powered by a 4 horse power
hydraulic pump, the Galaxy saw will not even think twice to cut 4cm, 5cm, even 6cm material in 1 pass and never even blink or run hot.

Granite, marble, Quartz, Engineered, Concrete materials. Whatever you need to cut, the Oma Galaxy can power through it.

The Galaxy can be used free hand for bowl cut outs, vanities, arches, straight cuts, etc. Any where you would use a tile saw or hand grinder the Galaxy can easily do the same work.
Additionally, the Galaxy is equipped with side roller bearings that allow it to run along a straight edge to make perfect straight cuts.
Also, it can be used with a template to make perfectly round or oval cuts.

The Galaxy uses the Oma straight and contour blades made extremely strong to endure the power that the Galaxy exerts. These work fantastic and last long!
Why buy the Oma Galaxy instead of cheap throw-a-way tile saws?

The Oma Galaxy is made from Aircraft aluminum, stainless steel, and Fiberglass covers, the Galaxy is built to last for years.
A cheaper model tile saw will cost at least $130.00. How many does your shop go through in a year?

It will only take burning through 24 of these to break even. 40 if you include the hydraulic pump(which can be used to power the Oma
CP99 Router and Antarex Machine).
The Galaxy will last for years and years.
The quality compared to those tile saws are, well, not even comparable!
A tile saw is 1/4 horsepower. The Galaxy 4 HP.
Tile saw is very slow to cut through 3cm. The Galaxy will cut through 3cm has fast as you can push it!
Push a tile saw through a 3cm bowl and it will burn the motor. Push the Galaxy as hard as you want. Trust us, it will be waiting on you!
For those of us concerned about the environment, why throw 40 tile saws in the trash and waste resources when you can do a better job, increase production, and keep the same tool?

The upfront cost is more. But in the end you will absolutely save money, increase production, and have much happier workers during the day!
Comes with an Aqua planning water base to drastically reduce scratches on the surface.
Internal water feed insures maximum water to the blade.

RPM: 10,000
Manual height adjustment.
Weight: 18 lbs
Dimensions: 8″ x 7″ x 6″


Unit is available for inspection if necessary.

Unit will be sold as is / where is and implies no warranties.

Buyer responsible for freight and installation.

Subject to prior sale.