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LT-55 XL

Contact Name: Justin Luth
Contact Phone: 855-456-2588 ext.1002

Make: Laser Products
Model: LT-55 XL

Under Power: Yes

Location: Southwest
Price: $9,500.00
Payment Options: via wire transfer
Leasing Price: $226.10 / month



This LT-55 XL comes with the Samsung Q1 Ultra Tablet PC

Has the tripod and manuals, tripod bag, tub deck and backsplash attachment

2 extra batteries

The Lt-55 xl Precision laser templator is now available.

Using samsung Q1 ultra tablet PC completely rewritten software 2x larger screen,

Digital camera, wireless internet capabilities and a physical keyboard

Templating has never been easier. You can drag the drawing around the screen

Click + or to zoom in and out, take pictures of the job and attach them to the template file.

All the command buttons are now on the screen for easy access.

The larger screen makes editing a breeze

With a wireless card you can email the pictures, template, and customers signature back to the shop from the field

We have added some fillets and offsets and you can add more. depends on whats popular to your area

Everytime you turn on the samsung Q1 it will ask you to connect to wireless if available

The training video will be loaded on the Q1 so if you are stuck in the field with something just start the video

Unit is available for inspection if necessary.

Unit will be sold as is / where is and implies no warranties.

Buyer resposnible for freight.

Subject to prior sale.