Levi Tunisi LTFP 546

Contact Name: Brandon Holwerda
Contact Phone: 1-855-456-2588 x 1092

Year: 2006
Make: Levi Tunisi
Model: LTFP 546

Under Power: No
Voltage: 230/480V 3-Phase

Location: Southeast
Price: $28,000.00
Payment Options: Payment via wire transfer only.
Leasing Price: $666.40 / month



2006 Levi Tunisis Bridge saw

Machine comes with tilting and rotating table

Machine comes with steel stands

Specs per Levi Tunisi

Levi Tunisi LTFP 546 Bridge Saw 2005 Variable Speed Carriage Auto Cut Programmer Laser System Movable Control ArmX-Axis Cutting Stroke 140″

Y-Axis Bridge Movement 136″

Z-Axis Vertical Stroke 14″

Max. Disc Diameter 20″

Disc Hole Diameter 2″

Max. Cutting Height with 0.625 mm 7.6″

Disc Motor Power 20 HP

Head Gear Motor Power 1 HP

Bridge Gear Motor Power .5 HP

Slide for Step Cut Gear Motor Power .75 HP

Total Power 23 HP

Tension / Frequency 200 V 3PH 60 Hz

Table Dimensions 132″ x 72″

Machine Dimensions 212″ x 168″ x 98″

Weight 8,818 lbs.