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2012 GMM Brio CNC Bridge Saw

Contact Name: Jeffrey Dunholter
Contact Phone: 616-405-4022

Year: 2012
Make: GMM
Model: Brio

Under Power: Yes

Location: Midwest
Price: $84,900.00
Payment Options: Payment via wire transfer
Leasing Price: $2,020.62 / month



2012 GMM Brio CNC Bridge Saw

Message from the Owner of the Machine:

“Why: I need a bed polisher and my Donatoni saw that I was hoping to polish slabs with is lacking in that area. So, I’m going to free up the space and some of the money by selling this saw.

When: It can be picked up and taken away as soon as you pay for it and are ready for it.

What it’s great at: Cutting polygons from DXF files. It does it fast, it does it accurately and it’s easy to use and operate. VERY minimal maintenance and up keep. We grease it frequently, have changed 1 slide bearing and replaced 3x valves on the air lift table since we’ve owned it.

What about mitering: This is what they call a 4 1/2 axis saw. The saw head does not tilt via a motor, but rather the machine pauses when it needs to miter, comes to the the front of the machine and you crank the head the desired angle, 0-46*. Those who have not done it before think it’s a pain, but it’s not. Super easy. My only complaint about mitering is that it does not have a probe. That means you have to set material thickness by touching off the stone with the blade. Not a huge deal, but I’d rather have a probe. Mitering takes some finesse whether you have probes or not. Order of operations and keeping pieces from moving is more important than probes. Taking 45 seconds to tilt the blade is the least of any concerns in the equation.

What it’s not great at: 1) I don’t like the air tilt table. I’d rather have a hydraulic tip up. 2) As I mentioned I would have liked to have had probes added. 3) I didn’t add the molding package when I bought the machine and I would have liked to have had that. I didn’t lose any jobs because I didn’t, but I still would have liked it. 4) GMM seems swamped selling saws and taking care of urgent items. I’m sure if I had something urgent, they’d take care of me, but I don’t. I have tried to get in touch to find out about switching out the air lift table to hydraulic and replacing the spindle shroud (fiberglass cover) that we cracked, but it’s been difficult. I only mention this because even thought Taf is a GREAT guy…if you buy this and expect him to stop everything he’s doing and train you, or set this up, he may not be able to be as responsive as you, or he, would like. He’s a busy guy.

What about training: I could teach you everything you need to know to run it in a day. It would happen here at my shop cutting real jobs too. Then, if you had questions after that I’d offer my operators cell phone that you could call (sparingly please) for any questions that may come up. It would be a good idea to make a connection with GMM and build that relationship too, but I can certainly teach you enough to get you up and running.

What you’d be responsible for: After spending a day at my shop learning operations, I’d lift the machine and set it on whatever transport you provide. It’s mono-bloc, so it’s pretty easy. After that, it’s all yours. You’d need to set the machine up and level it (we can explain what we did, it’s easy) and arrange to have electric and network cables connected. Oh, and supplying a check 😀

The machine does have a broken knob (I can replace, it’s not a knob we use) and as I mentioned earlier the fiberglass shroud has a crack.

The machine has been well maintained and whoever buys it will have a workhorse for a long time. I’m sad to sell it, but it’s done a great job for me and it’s time for a new home. I have no reservations about selling this to anyone I know.”

Machine is available for inspection if necessary.

Machine will be sold as is / where is and implies no warranties.

Buyer responsible for tear down, rigging, freight and installation.

Subject to prior sale.