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2007 Marmo Meccanica LCT 522 CAI MO

Contact Name: Jeffrey Dunholter
Contact Phone: 855-456-2588 x. 1084

Year: 2007
Make: Marmo Meccanica
Model: LCT 522 CAI-MO

Under Power: No

Location: Michigan
Price: $44,900.00
Payment Options: Payment via wire transfer
Leasing Price: $1,068.62 / month



2007 Marmo LCT 522 CAI MO Edge Polisher

Customer has TWO of these machines but is selling one because it is not being used enough and is making room for a new machine.

Specs from Manufacturer Website (To Be Verified by Buyer):

The LCT 522 can perform multiple different edge details including full bullnose, half bullnose, pencil edge, bevels and flat polish. In addition to squared off or inclined edges, the LCT polishes multiple edge details and other convex shapes on slabs of marble or granite. The machine is automatic and can work continuously; as long as the edges to be polished have the same thickness the pieces can be inserted one after another. Then they are carried by a conveyor belt through a group of automatic polishing motors which bear a series of abrasives, from the coarsest grain to the polisher. These abrasives are the same type as those on a normal edge polisher. In the “LCT”, the slabs of marble or granite are placed vertically, in the way they are normally handled. This system, in addition to avoiding possible breakages of the material, enables the machine to occupy less space and to reduce considerably the working area required.

• Fully automatic straight line polisher
• Production speeds of 30 to 60 lineal feet per hour
• No height restriction for material being processed, such as 2 ft. wide x 10 ft. high
• The LCT will process from 1 to 6 cm thick material
• The LCT will profile and polish laminated edges
• Cost of lineal feet of finished edge amortized over 5 years is $ 3.00 per lineal foot
• Dimensions of machine are 18 ft. x 4 ft. x 5 ft.
• Requires very little space for set and operation
• LCT will polish 12” x 12” tiles
• User friendly computer program
• Very fast set up time from one profile to the next

• Number of Polishing Motors: 5
• Number of Beveling Motors: 2
• Number of Gauging Motors: 1
• Number of Profile Motors: 1
• Total Water Consumption: 15 gallons/minute
• Total Power Requirement: 230v/3phase/100amps
• Total Dimension of Machine: 12.2ft x 4ft x 5ft
• Total Weight of Machine: 5,060lbs
• Extension Tables: Standard 3.6ft in length
• Working Speed: 30-60 Lineal feet per Hour
• Maximum Abrasive Size: 5″ or 130mm
• Minimum material size: 8 inches x 16 inches
• Maximum material size: NO MAXIMUM

Machine is available for inspection if necessary.

Machine will be sold as is / where is and implies no warranties.

Buyer responsible for rigging, freight and installation.

Subject to prior sale.