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2002 Park Industries Odyssey CNC

Contact Name: Jeffrey Dunholter
Contact Phone: 616-405-4022

Year: 2002
Make: Park Industries
Model: Odyssey

Under Power: No

Location: South Dakota
Price: $10,000.00
Payment Options: Payment via wire transfer
Leasing Price: $238.00 / month



1. Year, Make and Model of Machine

– 2002 Park Industries, Odyssey Router

Pictures of the machine from all angles

– I have 2 videos, and only one picture. It’s currently disassembled. The picture is attached; the videos are approx 300 MB. Can I upload those directly?

3. Any known defects on machine / general condition

– The saw is broken. It worked fine until disassembly.

4. Hours on machine if available – unknown

5. Any accessories, tools included with the machine and does it come with software?

– Yes, it comes with the computer, the software, all the Blick pads, the table and any other accessory we have for it.